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Cuts & Styles

• Ladies haircut & style / $35 - $45
• Gentleman's haircut & style / $18 - $21
• Childs haircut & style (under 13) / $20 and up
• Bang trim / $10
• Formal styling / $45 - $55
• Bridal styling / $65
• Beard trim / $8 - $12

Hair Treatments

• Deep conditioning treatment. Rich conditioning to repair dry or damaged hair / $25 and up
• Olaplex Standalone Treatment / $35
• Clarifying Treatment / $20
• Keratin Treatment / $250 and up

Color & Chemical Services

*add Haircut & Style for $28 and up
*add Haircut & Style for $28 and up
  • Single Process Color* / $45 - $75
  • Toner / $30 - $50
  • Full Bleach / $75 and up
  • Corrective color / Quoted at Consultation
  • Additional color / $20
  • Full Foil Highlights* / $65 and up
  • Partial Foil Highlights* / $65 and up
  • Additional Floaters / $8 per foil
  • Balayage / Ombre / $85 and up


  • Perms / $70 and up
  • Perm with cut / $95 and up

Hair Extensions

Quoted at consultation. Deposit is required.

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Manicure / Pedicure


Indulgence Manicure — $30
Includes gentle scrub, cuticle care, nail trim, filing and shaping, paraffin wax dip, hand and arm massage and polish. (1 hour)

Classic Manicure- $20
Includes trimming, filing and shaping, cuticle care, muffing, massage, and polish. (30 min)

Sir Salvatore Manicure- $15
Includes trimming, filing and shaping, cuticle care, buffing, and massage to finish gentleman. (30 min)

Pretty Princess Manicure- $15
Includes trimming, filing, and shaping, cuticle care, muffing, massage and polish.
Young ladies 12 and under. (30 min)

Master Salvatore Manicure- $10
Includes trimming, filing and shaping, cuticle care, buffing and massage.
Young men 12 and under. (30 min)

Manicure Add-ons

  • Buff and Polish / $15
  • Polish Change / $10
  • French Style Polishes / $5 extra
  • Pariffin Dip / $10
  • Nail Art / $5 and up
  • Shellac Manicure / $35
  • Shellac Polish Change / $20

Nail Extension Service

  • Polish change / $15+
  • Full Set / $40+
  • Fill in / $25+
  • Pink and White full set / $50+
  • Pink and white fill in / $35+
  • Acrylic nail repair / $5+
  • Overlay on natural nail / $35+
  • Pink and white overlay / $40+
  • Gel full set / $60+
  • Gel fill in / $30+
  • Silk full set / $35+
  • Silk fill in / $25+


Indulgence Pedicure $50
Includes aromatic foot bath, gentle scrub, cooling mask, cuticle care, nail trim, filling and shaping, paraffin wax dip, relaxing leg and foot massage, and polish. (1 hour and a half)

Classic Pedicure $40
Includes aromatic foot bath gentle scrub, trimming filing and shaping, cuticle care, buffing, massage and polish (45 min)

Sir Salvatore Pedicure $35 and up
No primping. Includes exfoliation to soften rough skin and calluses, refreshing mask and relaxing leg and foot massage to melt away the aches and pains. For gentlemen. (45 min)

Hot Stone Pedicure $60
Same as indulgence pedicure but massage is done with hot stones. (hour and a half)

Pretty Princess Pedicure $20
Includes aromatic foot bath, gentle scrub, shaping, cuticle care, and polish.
Young Ladies 12 and under. (30 min)

Master Salvatore Pedicure $15
No primping. Includes exfoliation to soften rough skin and csIluses and relaxing foot massage.
Young men 12 and under. (30 min)

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We feature the full line of Glo Therapeutics and other fine skin care products. Each delivers pharmaceutical grade ingredients and high levels of antioxidants to improve the overall health of skin.
The Classic $70
Cleansing and exfoliation prepare the skin to absorb an antioxidant treatment that combats free radical and sun damage, allowing delicate facial tissue to properly renew itself. Leaves the skin healthy and glowing. (50 min)

Purifying $85
Perfect for those with oily acne skin. Cleansing and deep exfoliation prepares skin for extractions, followed by a purifying masque and detoxifying treatment that will decongest, clarify and refine pores. (1 hr 15 min)

Age Defying $85
Fight the visible signs of aging with an enzyme and exfoliating treatment, masque, and luxury serum that brighten dull skin, increase firmness and refines texture. Special attention will be given to the delicate eye area. Fine lines and wrinkles will appear smoother. (50 min)

Sonic Youth Facial $85
Science and nature merge in this ultra-sound treatment. Advanced technology allows for greater absorption of products, resulting in improved skin tone, increased firmness, and diminished appearance of fine lines. (50 min)

Teenage Facial $45
Ever changing teenage skin requires special care. Cleansing, exfoliation, massage and treatment masque are included. Our specialists will also provide advice for proper at home skin care. Ages 13-17 (45 min)

Pretty Princess Facial $35
Includes gentle cleansing, gentle massage, masque and moisturizing.
Young ladies 12 and under

Sir Salvatore Facial $65

European Hot Stone Facial $90
Relax while our specialists combine the thermogenic benefits of hot and cold stones with individually selected products. Skin will be left rejuvenated while body and mind will be calmed. (70 min)

Advanced Vita-C $95
This vitamin c treatments promotes collagen, leading to increased elasticity, sun damage repair and softening of fine lines. Mature skin will receive deeper exfoliation and firming treatment for eyes and lips. For non- sensitive skin only. (50 min)

Chemical Peels $80 - $100
We offer glycolic, lactic, enzyme, salicylic peels, jessner and a combination of any two. Chemical peels are selected based on individual skin analysis. Peels offer many benefits, including: minimization of fine lines, reduction in hyper pigmentation, refinement of pores, increase in elasticity and the ability to absorb products and improvement of skin tone and texture. (45 min)

Salvatore Extreme $110
Truly indulge in the ultimate facial experience. Thorough skin analysis will allow our specialists to individually customize your facial. Pamper yourself with eye, lip, and décolleté treatments, targeted and infusion treatments, aromatherapy massage and specially formulated masque. (1 hr 25 min)

Seaweed Back Treatment $45
Smooth and purge your skin of impurities with this stimulating and detoxifying seaweed treatment for the back and shoulders. (30 min)

Facial Add-on $10 each
Lip treatment, eye treatment, hot stone treatment, paraffin for hands or feet, glycolic treatment, aromatherapy scalp massage, seaweed foot treatment, cellulite treatment.

Sonic Youth Ultrasound Treatment $20

Microderm Abrasion $99

Dermaplaning $65
Using a disposal scalpel, a gentle scrape of the top skin layer exfoliates and removes fine hair.


GloMinerals — Make uses a pharmaceutical grade blend of minerals. Vitamins, green tea extract and broad — spectrum sun protection to maintain a healthy complexion. GloMinerals is noncomedogenic, making it perfect for acne and rosacea — prone skin.
  • Makeup Application / $50
  • Bridal Application / $65
  • Lash Application (lashes included) / $10
  • Airbrush Application / $70
  • Pretty princess application (13 & under) / $25

Hair Removal

  • Brow shaping / $18
  • Brow lip or chin / $12
  • Jaw line, side burns / $20
  • Half arm / $20 and up
  • Entire arm / $30 and up
  • Half leg / $35 and up
  • Entire leg / $60 and up
  • Bikini area / $30 and up
  • Under arms / $25 and up
  • Back or Chest / $45 and up
  • Modified Brazilian / $45 and up
  • Full Brazilian / $65 and up
  • Threading / $18 and up

Other Services

  • Brow tinting / $15
  • Lash tinting / $25
  • Microblading / $500
  • Microblading Touch-up* / $250
  • (*at service providers discretion)

Eyelash Extensions

  • Full Set (2 hr) / $200
  • Touch Up (2nd week / 1 hr) / $50
  • Touch Up (3rd week / 1.25 hr) / $75

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Body Treatments

Sea salt or Micro-Buff Polish $50
Exfoliates and polishes the skin for a healthy glow. (30 min)

Sugar Scrub or Sea Salt Wrap $80
The oils absorb the skin, exfoliating and replenishing moisture, leaving a natural glow. (50 min)

Paraffin Wrap $90
Detoxifying oil application and paraffin is painted over the body and wrapped. This replenishes moisture and helps aching muscle and arthritis pains. (80 min)

Salvatore Classic Mud Wrap $90
Detoxifying oil application and mud helps remove impurities from the skin, moisturizes and replenishes to reveal a healthy glow. (70 min)

Firming Seaweed Wrap $90
The body is wrapped in a thin layer of seaweed, leaving skin hydrated and detoxified. Great for reduction in the appearance of cellulite. (70 min)


Relaxation Massage $65
Pamper yourself with a tranquil and relaxing massage. (50 min)
(80 min) $95

Deep Tissue Massage $75
Firm kneading and deep pressure to relive tightness, knots, and stress. (50 min)
(80 min) $105

Spot Treatment Massage $45

Concentrated massage for your problem areas such as your head, neck, back, legs, feet, or hands. (25 min)
Add Paraffin $10
Reflexology $75
Using thumb pressure on flex points such as those in the feet activates reflexes, improves circulation and promotes relaxation. (50 min)
Hot Stone Massage $85
This soothing and healing experiences uses hot stones to massage the back, along with aromatherapy oils to relax muscle tissue and provide relaxation. (50 min)
(80 min) $115

Craniosacaral Therapy $75

This massages uses light touch to determine where fluid restrictions are located. The massage encourages fluid movement to nourish all the tissues of the body, causing a self-correcting response. (50 min)
Lymphatic Drainage Therapy $75 (50 min)
Add Massage $10
Cellulite treatment
Hot Bamboo $85 (50 min)
A unique therapy that relaxes tight muscles instantly and painlessly! An effective way to release stress and tension, relieve aches and pains and improve sports performance.
Cupping Treatment $45 (25 - 50 min)
Skin suctioning by using a small cup to promote improved muscle tone, blood and lymph flow. This treatment will help with organ and muscle tissue detox.
Children’s Massage $30 (30 min)
Swedish relaxation massage. Ages 15 and younger. Parent or guardian chaperone required.
Pre Natal Massage (2nd & 3rd trimester) $75 (50 min)
Gentle massage with the focus points on the back, sciatic area and feet.
Scalp Massage with Hair Brushing $45 (25 min)
Focusing on scalp massage and gentle brushing of hair. Enjoy a calming and peaceful session.
Cancellation Policy
Your appointment time has been reserved especially for you and on occasion you may need to change your appointment. We kindly ask that you give us a 24-hour notice when canceling your appointment.

Late Arrivals
To be courteous to all of our clients, late arrivals will reduce service time or may be rescheduled.

Return Policy
There are no refunds on gift certificates. Products may be exchanged within 14 days from purchase date and may be refunded within seven days of purchase if unopened.

Returned Checks
A $25 fee will be charged for all returned checks.

Cell Phones
For the tranquility and relaxation of all our clients, we please ask for all cell phones to be turned off or put on silent while in the building.

Gift Certificates
Please note that we are not responsible for lost or stolen gift certificates. Gift certificates must be presented upon arrival, as we do not accept certificate numbers alone for payment.

Massages & Facials
We ask new guests to arrive ten minutes prior to their first visit to fill out a brief questionnaire pertaining to any special needs or physical conditions.